Dolomites of Belluno

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The national park of the Dolomites of Belluno has great importance from the point of view of the landscape and nature, thanks to its geographic position at the margins of the south oriental Alps, with areas that still preserve their wild character. It is constituted by the three mountainous groups of the Vette Feltrine, the Monti del Sole and the group of the Schiara.

Among the mammals the European antelope is the most present with about 2.000 exemplars, to which can be added the roes, deer and the smaller ermines,  badgers, marmots, various hares, dormice, foxes and even the muffling, originating from the Sardinia and Corsica and introduced in the past for hunting purposes, of which are present about 200 exemplars.

Among the birds the royal eagle is surely the star of the park, with five nestling couples. But there are many significant species of birds of prey among which the goshawk, the sparrow-hawk and the royal owl. When looking at the amphibians and reptiles, there live many species that are still being studied but you can surely find the adder-snake of Aesculapius, three kinds of vipers and the rare species of black salamanders, among many others.



There are countless good indicated paths and in any degree of difficulty. A classic trekking for alpinists is the TransParco, a walk of seven days across extraordinary places in the protected area, nature but also the traces of mankind and his history. The trek, guided by expert naturalists of these places, involves two itineraries with different degrees of difficulty.

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