A Weekend in Helsinki

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Helsinki, the capital city in Finland, is a shore-lined city that has a lot to offer. Whether you are visiting for backpacking and cheap holidays , a relaxing vacation or a historical adventure, you are sure to find something you enjoy in Helsinki. If you are planning a short weekend trip you want to make sure you visit the best that the city has to offer. Plan your time and money accordingly.

One thing you want to make time to do is visit Kauppatori. The market square is filled with unique items, fresh vegetables and delicious food. Whether you are just looking or you decide to buy something, going here will provide you a fun time and a look into the Finish culture.

For a historical outing you should visit the National Museum of Finland. The museum will give you an insight to the history of the country that dates back to the stone ages. The museum has numerous exhibits and is guaranteed to give you new knowledge. While visiting the museum, be sure to check out the parliament building located next door.

Esplanadi Boulevard will provide you a relaxing location. The beautiful green park is filled with lush landscapes and even historical elements. Taking a few minutes each day to just sit, relax and take it all in is important.

Helsinki is home to many different art museums and galleries. Visiting one or more of them will satisfy your artsy side. The Museum of Contemporary Art is a popular choice, as is The Finnish National Gallery, but for the largest selection of art in all of Finland you should visit The Ateneum Art Museum.

Since a weekend is only a short time to visit any city, getting the best culinary experience is important. Savoy is a great choice of restaurant. It is historical and gives you excellent views of the city. The food is top-notch and traditional. If local food is not your cup of tea, visit Farang. They offer Asian cuisine that is prepared with fresh ingredients. It is a top-rated restaurant that will not disappoint.

If you are planning a trip to Helsinki, Finland that is only for a weekend you want to make sure you get the full Finnish experience. Visiting each of these attractions and landmarks will guarantee that you have a fun vacation, as well as getting insight to the Finnish culture.

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