Banderas Bay

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There is a reason that millions of people from all around the world travel to Puerto Vallarta to experience the best beach vacation ever. It is a very famous vacation resort not only for the people of Mexico but all around the world.

Puerto Vallarta Mexico resort

Its Banderas Bay is about 26miles filled with sandy beach. Its beaches have beautiful and lush jungles and crystal clear water that offer a great adventure to all the travelers. The most famous beach is Playa Los Muertos where you would find plenty of people enjoying with their families or partner. Beautiful women in swimwear would be walking around the beach looking absolutely stunning in the sunlight and men would be playing baseball or enjoying champagne while lying on the beautiful and pleasant sandy beach. Their white sand gives a pleasure to the eyes of the viewer as well as to the one that lies on it to get comfort. You would find the water of Puerto Vallarta clear as crystal and blue getting wide as far as you can see. The water of Puerto Vallarta beaches are ideal for swimming and you would get pleasure when the water would touch your body.

You won’t only find beautiful faces of Mexican natives on Puerto Vallarta but also people of different races and countries enjoying their vacation on the sandy beach. Puerto Vallarta has five resorts to offer the travelers where they could stay and enjoy to their fullest. You would also find several shops to buy different things of your choice. Puerto Vallarta shops would provide you an offer opportunity to do a world- class shopping where you would find traditional materials of Mexico along with many other varieties.

If you are a food lover then not to worry- Puerto Vallarta has it all. They keep in consideration all the aspects to make sure that their travelers get to enjoy their stay and make this beach vacation memorable for their entire life. Around the bay, you would plenty of restaurants that offer variety of foods to their customers keeping in mind their wants and needs. As people from all around the world visit this astonishing beach, therefore, Puerto Vallarta has made food of different tastes and varieties available to make sure that their customers and travelers wouldn’t have to get into any trouble in finding for food of their own choice and taste.

The best about the residents of Puerto Vallarta is that they give high importance to the hospitality and make sure that the travelers tend to visit again and again by not giving them any chance of complain. You would realize their polite behavior only by asking for a direction and they would guide in a friendly and warm hearted manner.

Therefore, it is better not to waste any more time and pack your bags to enjoy the best beach vacation ever by going to Puerto Vallarta. You are sure to have the best experience of your life with your family or partner.

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