Bramah Tea & Coffee Museum

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Do you have an inclination to tea and coffee? You might be a person who loves to drink tea and coffee. Your day might not be complete without drinking your morning tea or coffee. If you are this kind of person then the Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum will definitely attract your attention. This small intimate museum which is positioned within the old warehouse found in Butlers Wharf is an actual must-see museum to all tea and coffee lovers. In this museum, you will see a permanent display unfolding the history of coffee and tea. You will find out why these two beverages turned out to be so popular in Britain. The permanent exhibition will be the one to explain that to you.

In addition, the Bramah Tea and Coffee Museum houses a tiny collection of objects related to the traditional English ‘five o’clock’. The museum also holds a china pots, kettles, pots and many others. Moreover, the museum covers up the conditions of the popular Boston Tea Party that was held in 1773 when the colonists from the United States of America wiped out all crates used for tea bricks in the Boston Harbor in order to complain against the taxes that were imposed by the government of United Kingdom. Aside from these thrilling exhibits, there is also an attractive café and coffee shop that offers a fine choice of exotic tea and freshly ground coffee.

You will have a chance to see a lot of exotic tea and different coffee that you might have not seen in your entire life. You will learn more about tea and coffee and you will know which ones are good for your health. The displays in this museum will help you find out the exotic but healthy and great tea and coffee that you can include in your everyday diet.

Address: 40 Southwark Street
Phone: +44 20 7403 5650

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