Cuming Museum

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London is quite expensive to visit but there are still hundreds of thousands of visitors and travelers going to this city every year. One of their reasons in going there is to visit the Cuming Museum. This museum holds a valuable collection of approximately 4,000 objects coming from the Medieval England and Roman and artifacts as well dating to Ancient Egypt. This museum was founded in the year 1906 on the proposal of Richard Cuming as well as his descendants. Oftentimes, it is colloquially termed as the ‘minuscule British Museum’ because of its huge collected works featuring everything from an Egyptian mummy to the shoes of Queen Victoria. The displays come from around the planet. In addition, the collection dates back to various periods from 1782 down to 1902.

The Cuming Museum also has a huge ethnographic display including the items during the 18th and 19th century from North America, Australia, Africa and Amazonia. Aside from this, the Cuming Museum has lately purchased a sizeable collection of Japanese and Chinese antiques. Moreover, there are displays from Sri Lanka, Russia, Turkey, Indonesia, South East Asia and Syria. Another gallery displays an electrifying exhibition of items that are related with the superstitions and traditional folklore from County Cork inside Ireland during the 19th century. The museum also provides attractive educational sessions intended for primary schools concentrated on different subject matters from history of the Victorian era to the Ancient Egypt.

With this brief introduction regarding the museum, you might have taken a clearer idea of what to expect to see in this museum. You will not only see some of the history of London but some parts of the world as well. It is then essential that you find a place to stay near this museum to save you from time, effort and money.

Address: 151 Walworth Road
Phone: +44 2 7525 2163

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