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Dubai is more of a city state than a country. It is one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The city-state is the best in terms of being Modern and progressing in the region of the UAE. The city-state is some what a new player in international tourism. Dubai is a city-state that is basically a desert that has managed to transform its self into a fabulous city-state. The journey to Dubai from Europe is only five hours and from the rest of the surrounding regions like India, Middle East and Far East it is only a trip of three hours.

Dubai has a different weekend to all other places in the world they weekend of late has been shifted to Friday and Saturday. In the past the weekend was from Thursday and they are some firms in the city-state that still use the old system. It goes without saying that the climate is hot considering that the landscape is all deserts. It is usually dry on the hot days and the days when it is cooler the climate is humid. The heat is considerably better from the end of September to May but even during this period the temperature can reach 29 degrees Celsius. To get to Dubai most of the international travelers use air travel. There are number of airports that operate in Dubai. For people that visit Dubai on a regular basis they can purchase an e-gate card so that they do not spend a lot of time in the immigration section. The Dubai international airport is the biggest in the region and that is where the Emirates airline is based. The airport is a very busy place and can lead to one spending hours by the airport in the immigration section. The other airports that are there are the Sharjah airport and the Maktoum.

Other modes of transport that one can use to go to Dubai are car and boat but these are mostly for people who are from the neighboring city-states. By car, if you want to use a car to go to Dubai you have to be from Oman and that is the only border that Dubai has. The charge for a car that is leaving Oman is 3000 OMR. Using a boat, you have to make arrangements with the captain of the ship especially if you want to get to the city in that way. There is accompany in Iran that has a boat service that travels to Dubai and it has this service every second day. It is hard to find taxis in Dubai and one will find them by waiting in queues at various shopping malls dotted around the city. The standards of driving in the city-state is one of the worst around and they taxis are notorious for that.

Driving for your self can be very confusing as the names of the roads are different in terms of the spellings and the construction work that is being done around the city-state is making it hard for people to find their destinations and this is due to the fact that the road has many detours and the road signs some of them are temporary. You can view the city from a boat ride, the ferry is called the abra .the cost of the ferry is on dirham. The service is very reliable and is available at anytime of the day. The city-state is very small in terms of size nut the government of Dubai is very ambitious and they are planning to build a rail way system and a certain phase of the rail system has already began construction.

The sites that are a must see when you visit Dubai are what some people call the old Dubai. Firstly there is the Al Ahmadiya School, it is the first school that was built in Dubai and has recently undergone restoration. It is a great place to go and visit because it is a welcome break from the modernization of the city. The Bastakiya district is one of the few remaining places that are a symbol of the past that the city-state once had. The buildings in this district have been renovated to the old style of building that used to take place in Dubai. The city also has various museums and cafes that one can visit and some of them are located in the district that is traditional Dubai. The Dubai museum is a great place to visit especially if you are interested in the history of the Emirates. The museum has great art exhibitions that one can see and also it will be both a marvel and amazement to people how fast development took place in the city-state. The Jumeirah mosque is one of the best in the region and is one of the only few mosques that allow non –Muslims to tour the place.

Visiting Dubai would not be complete without visiting the worlds only seven star hotel (mind you that is an unofficial title) to say the hotel is sophisticated an understatement. To gain entry in to the hotel one needs to have made a reservation but if you are a guest at the hotel that is adjacent then you are allowed to go for a visit but only on arrangement. The reservations for the hotel are to be made a month earlier and to book a meal at the restaurant one needs to book a few days in advance. The dress code at the hotel is smart casual, ordinary people can book tours of the hotel but they are no tours of the hotel if it is full. There are a lot of things that one can do in Dubai and that includes going skiing and golf. The golf courses in Dubai are maintained by professional people and even though it is a desert the irrigation systems of the golf courses are well maintained.

Dubai is a great city to visit and it is one city that has totally embraced the spirit of modernization and that is evident from the huge quantity of construction sites that are surrounding the city.

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