Ethnographic museum Skansen and City Hall Stadshuset in Stockholm

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City Hall Stadshuset with three golden crowns on the spire of the bell tower is the most famous silhouette of Stockholm.

Stockholm City Hall – is one of the most outstanding examples of architecture of the national-romantic style. Town Hall designed by architect Ragnar Estberg (Ragnar Estberga) and was opened on the day of Midsummer in 1923. To build a town hall and the bell tower, 106 meters high, crowned by the state coat of arms of Sweden – three crowns – it took eight million bricks. During the solemn facade placed offices of city services, meeting rooms of politicians and officials of the city, as well as practical, banquet rooms and a unique collection of works of art. In the Council Chamber R?dssalen sit on the council member in Stockholm. Premises City Hall is also home to the Nobel banquet. After lunch at the Blue Hall, Nobel Laureates, members of the Royal Court and the guests dance in the Golden Hall, whose interior is decorated with 18 million pieces of gilt pottery.

Every day there are guided tours in several languages.

Ethnographic museum Skansen is the open-air museum that represents the old Sweden in miniature. On fifty acres of land here is about one hundred and fifty houses of the past, various buildings. They gathered here from across the country, from all parts of it from Lapland and ending Sk?ne, with most of them belong to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Here you can see houses, and windmills, and city districts as a whole. In the workshops of the past century tourists can get acquainted with the atmosphere that surrounded the publishers, artists, jewelers, druggists. Most of the crafts that brought fame to Sweden in the later periods, such as glassblowing, also presented here, in addition to traditional peasant crafts as they were weaving and whipping butter.

To see all the buildings here are best to drive at least sixteen hours. Visitors can also see a concert of folk dances and many other performances outdoors. During the summer, here are the popular artists from many countries.

The museum located zoo, an aquarium, a cafe, a zone where are conducted carnivals and festivals, theater.

Due to the extremely popular name “Skansen” has become synonymous for the designation of the museums of this kind.

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