Florence Nightingale Museum

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It has been said time and again that London is a wealthy country not only on the financial aspect but of the many fields as well. A lot of student from all over the world want to study here because of its great educational system. Business owners, on the other hand, want to do business here since the tourism industry is indisputable. But whatever the reasons are of people flocking to London, it is a worthwhile experience to visit this city. One of the reasons why some people go to this city is to visit some of the museums. A lot of museums can be found here and visiting enough of them can give you the feeling that you have traveled around the world since every museum is unique compared to other museums. For instance, the Florence Nightingale Museum commemorates the public figure of the famous nurse all over the world, Florence Nightingale. She actually devoted her life in order to help the poor and ill.

This museum puts in the picture the story not only of her life but her work as well. This is set at the St. Thomas’ Hospital which is facing the Palace of Westminster. Florence Nightingale who is a pioneer of contemporary nursing inside the United Kingdom has initiated a movement that promotes hygiene and heath care. Nightingale, after being engaged in the Crimean War, made a decision to establish her own training school intended for nurses. Florence Nightingale Museums, constructed on the same place as St. Thomas’ Hospital and the school. This museum houses a broad variety of artifacts which are connected with this great figure and it includes a wonderful collection of her letters with a total of 63, costumes, books, domestic items and portraits. Visiting this museum with give anyone a clearer idea of how Nightingale spent her whole life.

Address: St Thomas’ Hospital, 2 Lambeth Palace Road
Phone: +44 2 7620 0374
Email: info@florence-nightingale.co.uk
Website: http://www.florence-nightingale.co.uk/

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