Food of Brasil

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The Brazilian food takes you back to the days the native Indians and Portuguese occupied the land. The Indians introduced sweet potatoes, cassava meal, corn porridge and preservation of meat by smoking or drying. While the Portuguese introduced dishes from North Africa which included coffee, dried fruits and pastries.

They are using a number of staple dishes, such as “arroz” (white rice|), feijao (black beans) and farinha (flour). They are served in most restaurants and are served with side dishes which include chicken, meat and fish.

National Dish:
Feijoada is considered by many as the national dish. It consists of stew of pork, sausage and smoked meat cooked with black beans and garlic, garnished with slices of orange. It is mostly served during the weekends.

Other popular dishes include;

Barreado: this is a mixture of meat and stew; it is cooked for 24 hours and served with banana and farofa.

Carangueijada: this is a whole cooked crab.

Caruru: This is an African dish that is made from ladies fingers (okra), onions, shrimp, peppers and oil.

Cozido: A Brazilian stew made from potatoes, carrots and vegetables.

There is a variety of international cuisines which are not so expensive. Eating out in Brazil is fun and the service is good.

Restaurants in Brazil are affordable and they are well known for the love of serving meat to clients and as a great place for socializing. Churrascarias are well known restaurants that serve meat to its customers.

There are many ethnic restaurants, such as Indian, Japanese and Italian. These restaurants and are more expensive than the local Brazilian dishes. Other popular restaurants in Brazil are pay by weight restaurants, which are better known as Copacabana; you order your food and then wait for it to be cooked. Most of these restaurants serve traditional Brazilian foods. People prefer having meals at Copacabana restaurants which have a lot of customers, because this assures them the food is fresh.

Street Food in Brazil:
You can find food everywhere in Brazil, in front of churches, beaches, squares and many more. Dishes that are served on the streets include fried beans which are served with different dishes, boiled maize and sweets that are made from coconuts.

Visitors should be careful with what they eat on the streets since most street vendors are not that clean, though most of them are.

Apart from the street food, Brazil also boasts of having street bars. The bars have become popular for the fruit juice they serve which is known as vitamins and are made up of mango and acerola, pineapple, milk and banana, orange and guava. The popular local beer cachaça is also sold on street bars.

Vegetarian food in Brazil:
Brazil is not yet really into vegetarian food like other countries. There are a few restaurants that offer vegetarian dishes which include salads. Most vegetarians take fruits and vegetables, which are abundant in Brazil. Being a vegetarian is not very common in Brazil. so it is quite difficult to get a proper meal since most of the time the dish will include unwanted ingredients.

The best option for vegetarians is to go to the pay by weight restaurants as you can create your own dishes from the buffet in self-service. A wide range of fresh food is prepared continuously and it’s very easy to find something you like.

Alcoholic drinks:
Beer drinking is not restricted and there are many to choose from. The beer is great and draught beer is called chopp.

The local beer is called cachaça, which not many visitors drink. The national drink is loved by many and is known as “caipirinha”. It is a mixture of sugar, crushed ice and lime. Houses of spirits are famous beer restaurants which serve 8000 brands of cachaça. Most Brazilians love going to Cachacarias as they are commonly referred to.

If you are not a beer lover, then you can take the Brazilian wine which is of high quality.

Soft Drinks:
Brazil is among the world best coffee producers and most Brazilians love drinking it. The coffee is served hot in small cups.

Most Brazilians have coffee, milk or tea at breakfast. The most common type of tea is Try chá mate which is green in colour and is considered as herbal tea.

Since Brazil is home to many fruits, you’ll find delicious fresh fruit juice everywhere. The most famous local fruit juice is made from milk and is known as vitamina and is available in most street bars. Other well known drinks include suco de maracujá, passion fruit, and suco de limão, lime and if you are in the North and Northeast, graviola, bacuri and cupuaçu are some of the drinks available.

The best local soft drink is guaraná, which is made from Amazonian berries and is very delicious.

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