Free Things to do in Hong Kong

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It is often argued that money is king in Hong Kong, so if you’re visiting or living there on a tight budget you’ll have a bad time and while money goes a long way in enjoying your time in Hong Kong there are actually a lot of enjoyable activities in the city that are free or the equivalent of pocket change. Here is a guide to free things to do in Hong Kong!


The History, Science and Art museum in Hong Kong offer free admissions on Wednesday for adults and kids! They are some of the best museums you’ll visit and will leave you wanting to learn more about the country’s history and culture! Check out the directions and a more detailed description in our post Hong Kong’s Greatest Tourist Attractions. Alternatively less known museums in Hong Kong are usually free admission on Wednesday, while some are free all year round!


Head over to a country park and hike away on numerous peaks. Hong Kong has so many hiking opportunities for all types of hiking levels! Don’t let the heat be an excuse, nothing is better than hiking in Hong Kong and making such a built up country feel so small! Considering that more than 90% of Hong Kong is classified as the countryside, you’ll never have another excuse to waste a penny on anything other than hiking supplies and a good quality camera to remember when you were triumphant!


You’ll be surprised by how easy it is to escape the busy streets in Hong Kong by stepping in one of the many parks scattered around. If you’re looking to have a relaxing afternoon while spotting a lot of unique animals and plants, head to Hong Kong park! If you’re looking for a trek make your way up to Victoria Park and enjoy The Peak at the end of the day!

Street Markets

Nothing is more interesting than trying to find a bargain, but walking around the markets looking at all the unique wares for sale is the majority of the fun! Hong Kong is home to some of the most interesting street markets, so why not take a day to explore them for free! Check out our guide on Hong Kong’s Street Markets to get an idea on where to head!


Nan Lian gardens combined with the Chi Lin Nunnery is just the start of Hong Kong’s heritage, combined with tens of temples to visit freely you shouldn’t leave without feeling like you’ve experienced the real Chinese culture! Not only will you escape the busyness of the streets, Hong Kong’s temples are a great place to practice your photography skills! Did we mention that all temples are free to visit?


Hong Kong is a lot more fun when you have people to share the experience with! Gratefully the Hong Kong’s tourism board is constantly figuring ways out to make sure they go that extra mile in improving tourists experience. As well as the tourism board, a lot of the less known tourist heritage spots usually offer free tours or at least tours that wont break the bank! You can beat the crowd, gain a first hand experience and visit something awesome in Hong Kong that usually people miss!

Discover Hong Kong – The tourism board offer a range of tours, some free or quite cheap, some not.

Asia Society – Free tours through former British military structures that now house galleries, a theatre, cafés, and bookstores.

Former Legislative Council Building – The Legislative Council was established under British rule in 1843 and its evolved from being an advisory body to a legislature to render checks and balances on the executive authorities. Individual tours are available!

North Kowloon Magistracy Building – Complete with prison cell and courtrooms, the North Kowloon Magistracy Building now serves as a SCAD that hosts the highest concentration of art and design programs in the region! While tours show off the previous cells and detention center!

Mei Ho House  Learn about Mei Ho House’s historical, architectural, cultural and social significance in Hong Kong’s history.


If you’re visiting, then you’ll probably not have enough time to volunteer in Hong Kong, but if you’re sticking around then consider joining one of the many programs in Hong Kong that aim to improve others! A common volunteer program nowadays is becoming a Dog Walker, while other volunteer programs in Hong Kong look to aid those who are needy and allow you to decide when or where you offer your time! Not only will you get a good feeling from helping others, but you’ll be sure to make some new friends or a meet a companion for life! The most common volunteer program being Hands On, while a full list of other volunteering opportunities can be found here.

Tai Chi Class

In the early morning you’ll find old and young alike flocking to the nearest parks to show off their Tai Chi skills. Being one of Hong Kong’s main passions, Tai Chi is considered a form of martial arts and improves your overall physical health and mental well-being. Luckily joining these Tai Chi masters is free and you’re more than welcome to head to any parks in the morning and find some practicing. Usually they are more than welcoming, especially to foreigners, to teach you a few moves or too, just be careful not to break your hip! If you’re struggling to find people (unlikely) check out Kowloon’s main park!


A lot of the sightseeing in Hong Kong doesn’t cost a penny but involves a lot of walking. Start at Victoria Harbor and enjoy the ocean view before heading to the Stars Avenue. If you’re looking to see Hong Kong from above consider crossing to Hong Kong island and venturing up to The Peak to get an impressive overview. Check out our guide on Hong Kong’s Greatest Tourist Attractions to see what you might be missing out on!

Happy Valley Racecourse

While the bus or subway ride isn’t free, entry to the Happy Valley Racecourse is a mere 10HKD! There is no pressure to gamble on the horses and races happen nearly every Wednesday, but check the official website for the racing calendar just in case! Locals often go to the races to gamble all their money away while foreigners make the most of the cheap drinks!

A Symphony of Lights

A Symphony of Lights refers to the daily light show that happens over Hong Kong’s harbor at 8pm. While the best view is visible from Tsim Sha Tsui’s waterfront, it can still be visible from along most of the coastline and doesn’t cost a single penny!


Hong Kong isn’t as famous around the world as it should be for some of its beaches and most are only a short bus ride away. Stanley Beach is among one of the more well-known beaches in Hong Kong and offers a European vibe with a large market for those looking to window shop! Find out more about Stanley Beach and other notable spots in Hong Kong in our Best Date Spots in Hong Kong post.

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