Kaleto Fortress in Bulgaria

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The history of the world is so long and full of events that it takes a lot of effort for researchers to determine what happened in a certain age. A great help for them are the historical monuments that have witnessed as many events as the Earth itself and can now open their secrets and tell about the events that took place centuries ago. Especially helpful are the fortresses that have been built for a purpose to protect cities and have served this purpose well. Let’s take the Kaleto Fortress in Bulgaria that belongs to the most well preserved ancient fortresses in the whole Europe.

The fortress was built approximately in the 1st century AD by the Romans, as were a lot of Bulgarian current tourist attractions. The Romans constructed the fortress in order to protect the strategically essential paths that were crossing this specific area. To stop attackers from going further the Romans used the most solid material that was available for construction at that time. the fortress can be found to the north of the Balkan Mountains edge. This location also greatly contributed to the defensiveness of the territory. Over the centuries after the construction the fortress has grown; a lot of new owners have added various features to it. Occasionally it was reconstructed as well.

Currently the Kaleto Fortress in Bulgaria attracts a lot of tourists who want to find out more about the history of ancient and medieval Europe and especially about the glorious country of the Roman Empire. Among the peculiarities of the place are giant, 10 meters high gates that let visitors to the fortress and the 3 bastions that were constructed to allow the usage of cannons in the later centuries.

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