Korean Plans to Raise the Cost of Smoking

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All parts of Asia are famous for having mass amounts of smokers and smoking allowed in nearly every establishment. Korea has some of the highest rates of smokers in the world, and has been trying to fight it for decades with anti-smoking campaigns. Now they are taking lessons that have been learnt in the West and raising taxes on cigarettes. The plan is to raise the current price of 2,700won to 4,500won by 2015.

Australia has recently increased their tax on cigarettes by 25%, after already having the highest taxes on cigarettes in the world. England got rid of smokers by also following a similar strategy. While a 1,800won increase is relatively small (£1 or $1.50), it will surely push people to cut down smoking. In the past year, the Korean government passed laws to stop people from smoking in specific places such as restaurants in certain districts. The problem is that the restaurant owners themselves, do not follow these law changes.

Korea is a country for smokers, and people have already started stocking up on cigarettes at their current lower price. It can be presumed that the small increase wont cut out smoking as much as people expect, but it will certainly aid the campaigns.

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