Las Vegas Travel Guide

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The entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas is best known for being a gambler’s paradise. The various casino hotels that sprawl in the landscape of the city are the evidence that the city has to justify its self as the entertainment capital of the world. The city of Las Vegas if one looks at its history it is a late bloomer when comparing to other cities in the western world. The city was just a small town in the desert until it the Hoover dam was built and like scientist always say where there is water there is life and thus many started to flock to the city.

Gambling was made legal in the 1930s and that lead to the town becoming an area of entertainment for those people who had settled in the city. When the first hotel was built it lead to a massive increase in infrastructural development in Las Vegas. The city just like any of the great cities of the world, Las Vegas is a great tourist destination.

There are many modes of transport that one can use to explore the city. One can use a rental car, taxis and public transport. Before we get into how you can move around the city it would be better to start with how one can get to Las Vegas. People can use their cars to get to Las Vegas but this is an option usually exercise by people who live in southern California as they are closer to the city. You can use the bus as they are about four bus services that operate in the Las Vegas route but this can be a long and tiresome journey.

Most people that visit the city always use air travel and this is the best way to get to the city as it is quicker and the airport in Las Vegas is serviced by many local and international airlines. To go around the city there is the monorail and they have various charges and the problem with the monorail is that it stops behind most hotels and it takes a lot of time to go around the city. Taking a taxi is one of the most popular modes of transport as it is cheaper for a group of people to travel using a taxi. It is illegal for taxis to stop in front of hotels in Las Vegas and thus if you want to catch a taxis always stand next to a turn.

Rental cars can always be used and a re available at the airport upon arrival. Renting a car is best for people that are staying a few days in Las Vegas and want to visit the various sites located outside the city. There are people that choose to walk around the city that is a good idea especially if you are going along the Las Vegas Boulevard but walking is not advisable during summer time where it will be scorching ht remembers Las Vegas is situated in the middle of the desert.

The city offers a lot of sites it visit and most of them are casino hotels, for example the Bellagio hotel that has fountains that perform beautiful displays of music sets every fifteen minutes. During the weekends the display is there every hour in the afternoons. There is a gallery and a garden within the hotel that is constantly being restyled.

The flamingo garden offers exactly as the name states, this is a garden that plays hosts to flamingos and other bird species, turtles and koi. The la mirage hotel has within it walls a volcano that on an hourly basis erupts to reveal a great light spectacle. The is an aquarium as well that is behind the front desk , in the casino there is a tiger enclosure and a dolphin area that one can gain entry to after paying a certain fee.

The Freemont Street is where the entire downtown casino is situated and there is a giant screen in the area that displays multimedia shows twenty four hours a day. The Mandalay bay is one place most people will love to visit especially boxing fans and it is that most popular venue for boxing matches that are held in the city. There are many great fights that have taken place at the Mandalay bay hotel. The hotel not only places host to boxing matches but it plays host to a shark reef and people get to experience how it is to walk with fish around them in a transparent tunnel.

Star trek fans will be pleased to note that there are two attractions that have the theme of the movie. The first is live actors wearing star trek costumes and a ride that simulates the space ships of the movie. There are various shows that one can go and see in las Vegas and the most famous of then all was the Celine Dion show that was on every day of the week and it end a couple of months into the year. None the less there are other shows like the sirens of TI and Masquerade show in the sky.

Another activity that one must not leave without having done or should I be saying it would be a sin to leave sin city without having engaged in it and that is gambling. I will not waste time trying to tell you where to go and what not to do as they are a lot of people offering advice on that. People go to Las Vegas to get married, it is easy to get married in Las Vegas as you only have to get a marriage license and that costs about $55 and the county clerk’s office is always open daily. The city has become one of the best places to go mountain climbing in the United States and more and more people are joining this past time. Back packing is also be coming a tourist favorite.

There are a lot of things to do and see in Las Vegas besides the traditional going gambling and getting married in the city, the city is expanding it borders and this is bringing I new recreational activities and remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

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