Leighton House Museum

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Going to museums can provide a number of advantages to all people of all ages. People from all walks of life can gain knowledge from the museums in their own country. Museums are one of the places where you can know the history not only of your country but of the world as well. London holds a lot of museums which have given some sense of popularity to the country. One of the museums in this country is the Leighton House Museum. It was the former atelier by Frederick Leighton who is the great neoclassical artist. This English painter and sculptor during the 19th century were chiefly known because of his works that depict great historical events as well as biblical stories.
Leighton House Museum
Leighton House Museum

Positioned among the Holland Park in London, the mansions is considered as one of the most unique buildings of the Victorian period which was inspired by the journeys of Leighton. His travels to the Middle East influenced his creativity that led in the creation of wonderful Arab Hall that inhabits the center part of his home. The goal of the museum is to promote, display, and conserve the fine collected works of approximately700 frescoes, sketches and drawings of Leighton. Aside from this, the museum provides a charming sight into the underwater life secrets amongst the Living Waters Aquarium in which visitors can approve of a broad range of creatures that inhabited in sea, lake and pond environments.

And with the rest of the building, the aquarium was established by Frederick Horniman stimulated after inspecting the Crystal Palace Aquarium in 1854 throughout the Great Exhibition. The Horniman Gardens can complete the list of local spots. During the summer, the Gardens are home to a lot of open air concerts. In addition, there are planned wild flower displays that every visitor can admire.

Address: 12 Holland Park Rd
Phone: +44 2 76023316
Email: LeightonHouseMuseum@rbkc.gov.uk
Website: http://www.rbkc.gov.uk/LeightonHouseMuseum/

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