London Canal Museum

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If you want to know the story of the canals of London from the time that they were a very essential aspect of the commercial and industrial life of the city, then you need to visit London canal Museum. This museum will tell that story from the early days through the years of desertion and decline to the more leisurely pursuits of today. During your sightseeing visit in London, you can decide to visit and spot a narrow boat cabin. From this you can be able to find out about the people who worked and lived on the waterways. In addition, you can see the horses that have pulled their boats. You will come to know that this is one of the most excellent canal museums within the United Kingdom and this is only the museum of inland waterways in London.

The London Canal Museum is situated in the King’s Cross area in London. The building which houses this fascinating London museum was built for Carlo Gatti who is a popular ice cream maker. This was built in 1862 and was itself an ice-warehouse. During that year, canal boats would transport their loads of ice in order to be delivered all the way through Victorian London. You can look out for Tunnel Trips inside in the museum where you can go through with the use of a boat by Islington Tunnel lying on the Regent’s Canal. Moreover, if you take pleasure in the London Canal Museum then you might as well try a longer thin boat trip where you can look around Regent’s Canal.

This is just a skeleton of the things that you can see and do inside the museum. When you get to the London Canal Museum, you surely have an adventure like never before. On your next visit to London, find time to go to this museum.


12/13 New Wharf Road
King’s Cross
Tel: 020 7713 0836

Opening Times:

Tuesday-Sunday & Bank Holiday Mondays: 10.00-16.30
Closed: Mondays (except Bank Holidays), 24-27 & 31 December – 1 January
Open until 19.30 every first Thursday of the month

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