Museum In Docklands

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Do you want to explore something that you have never seen before? Are you aiming to go to a place where you will see some exhibits that will satisfy your desires? Generally speaking, people have to travel and have day out with their family. They want to go to places with their loved ones and seize those memories they are with their loved ones even if the event is not that special. It is the human nature to explore and one place that can satisfy this desire is the Museum in Docklands. This museum opens from Monday through Sunday so every person has every right to go there and would not make an excuse since it is open during weekends. This is a good place to have your day out with your family. The kids would surely enjoy the interesting collection of many different objects from gas masks to whale bones from World War II. The Museum in Docklands shows the history of the Thames River from the time of the settlement of port in London by the Romans just about 43 AD.

This museum is positioned at West India Quay within the warehouse from the 19th century which originally handed out to store cotton, rum and exotic spices. These days, the museum houses a lot of interesting objects that can entertain every visitor. Apart from this, this is a recreation of the alleyways and streets of the waterside Wapping zone. The Museum in Docklands allocated a huge space to the new gallery in London, Sugar & Slavery. This discloses how the slavery has formed the metropolis of London from the 16th century down to the elimination of transatlantic slave trade way back in 1870s. Adults as well as children can always find something in this museum to catch their attention.

Address: 1 Warehouse

Phone: +44 870 444 3856


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