Museum of Culinary History and Alimentation

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London is the only place that houses a lot of museums and each and every museum is unique to each other. Travelers and visitors have found this exciting since some of the museums are so unique and they can’t find these in some other parts of the universe. This is one of the reasons why London allures hundreds of thousands of people in coming to this metropolis. There are many things to explore and do in this city so every traveler and visitor will experience a worthwhile holiday vacation. Even though, the city is said to be expensive, any person will never regret visiting this place. However, with proper tools and a little bit of planning, you can be able to save money in this expensive city.

One way to save money in London is to visit the Museum of Culinary History and Alimentation. The aim of this modern interactive museum is to provide a professional assistance for academics, researchers and students and all those people who are interested in cooking. The museum is divided into numerous sections and each section is dedicated to the history of food and culinary that features any of the six continents. In addition, there is also a small theatre stage in which they hold various shows and performances for kids. Moreover, the museum offers huge seminar and conference rooms, well-resourced research library that comes with wealthy archives covering all the subject matters related to food and free internet access as well.

Museum of Culinary History and Alimentation also puts in order regular culinary workshops directed by the expert chefs that come from all around the world. Thus, if you want to see a lot of this museum, you might as well stay in accommodation near this area so you have an easy access in going there.

Address: 61 Malmesbury Terrace
Phone: +44 2 8983 0820

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