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The great health resort, the unique seaport, the city with special character, these are just few words of Odessa. Odessa has many wonderful practices, here live a lot of outstanding people, musicians and artists. You can not find a man who is not dreaming to visit Odessa at least once. Odessa is a big sea port located in southern Ukraine. Around one million cheerful people live in Odessa its the fourth largest Ukrainian city. Odessa starts its history from the year 1794. Its a pearl of Ukraine. The city of Odessa is an important economical, educational and cultural center in the Northern Black Sea. Odessa’s population includes Jews, Russians and Ukrainians. We invite you to take a journey to Odessa. The Climate of Odessa is hot but soft. The city offers, different interesting events.

And it is natural. At any season, all people visiting Odessa can find many interesting things. The vacation in winter can provide you with the greatest cultural event – the city as it is. You will want to go through ancient streets, local curiosities, or visit Arkadia beach. On hot days those who likes water can have diving and swimming. Comfortable beaches make every guest of the city want to acquire a tan. Many hikers call on this city for recreation and relaxation. And its very reasonable because the holiday in Odessa can make you happy. The resorts, amusement and recreation facilities in Odessa are waiting for you. Stroll on the roads of Odessa, walk through Frantsuskij Boulevard, or enjoy Ukrainian food in a restaurant. If you need additional recreational appeal, then on the beach you can enjoy jet skiing and relaxing massages. On the waterside of Odessa you can watch congeries of magnificent sissies who are the most fascinating in the country. This signifies that a kind period in Odessa is instated to you. So, a train of ladies and gentlemen riding to relax next to the coasts in Odessa is enlarging every time.

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Odessans are proud of its marvelous and cultural heritage. The south capital of Ukraine has a big feck of high schools the most famous is Odessa Polytechnic National State Universitythe Medical University, Maritime Academy, Conservatory and other institutions of higher education, Odessa has such celebrated attractiveness like the Spaso–Preobrazhenskiy Cathedral , other educational establishments, museums and theaters.

Lots of composers and singers were here at different dates. Many singers and showmen, who were born or lived in Odessa, have earned a reputation for Odessa as the city of creative people. The worn township is built in discordant architectural customs from Renaissance to Art Nouveau. On the pavements of Odessa you can meander when the sun is in the sky or the moon is behind the clouds, ravishing the attraction, of the styles of Odessa houses. Don’t leave behind to glad the journey through the Deribasovskaya Street – the punctuation mark of Odessa with many taverns and walking people.

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