Ragged School Museum

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Do you have an interest of visiting a lot of museums not only in your vicinity area or country but all over the world as well? Museums are quite a few in some countries that you need to travel kilometers and kilometers away from your locality just to see few of the museums in your country. On the other hand, London is so blessed not only with its great educational system, government, politics and tourist attractions but with museums as well. You can nearly find all the cultures, arts, traditions of other people when you visit the museums in London since each and every museum is very unique compared to other museums in this city.

Ragged School Museum in London is built on the place of the genuine school found by Dr. Barnardo in the year 1870. This great reformer from Ireland but went to London decided to put up the first school that is free for poor children found in this metropolis. The museum is more often than not concentrates on the history of East End. Opened to the public in 1990, the museum seeks to tender different social and cultural activities for family and children from role-playing lessons to stand comedy shows on the Victorian era. The interior of the museum houses a genuine Victorian classroom that can exhibit hot the figure of the school modified over the centuries down to the present day.

The museum is equipped with genuine school desks, blackboards, easels and slate writing boards from the period. In addition, there is the rebuilding of the old family kitchen which is completed with original artifacts and utensils, plates, lanterns, toasting forks, graters, buckets, tin baths and mincers. The museum has various displays related to the Tower Hamlets Borough local area. There is a lot more to see in this museum that can make your visit worthwhile.

Address: 46-50 Copperfield Road
Phone: +44 2 8980 6405
Email: museum@raggedschoolmuseum.org.uk
Website: http://www.raggedschoolmuseum.org.uk

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