Shahtakhti Fortress in Georgia

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All European countries are rich in cultural and historical sites that decently reflect the glorious historical heritage of each country. Georgia is no exception in this rule, as all of major Georgian city have something fascinating to show to their citizens and visitors. Tbilisi can be surely called a leader in the number of attractions: as the current capital of Georgia, it is very rich interesting sites that make each trip here unforgettable. Among the fortresses that are quite widespread historical monuments, one of the most well-known is the Narikala Fortress, and, especially, the part of it known as the Shahtakhti Fortress.

Narikala fortress in some ways resembles other world’s famous forts, the only difference being the Narikala fortress was constructed purely for practical reasons and didn’t have any palaces or residencies in it, unlike the other famous forts. The construction date is not really clear, but mose historians presume it was built in the 5th century. Over the following 15 centuries the fortress has survived numerous attacks and has been under the reign of different forces, including the 400 years that the fortress has been owned by the Arabs. Once, in the 19th century, the fortress was severely damaged by an earthquake, but has been restored shortly after these events.

A picturesque path that leads from the main part of the fortress along the edge in 500 metres will bring you to the Shahtakhti Fortress that is often depicted having 4 major towers. Some sources claim the fortress has contained an observatory in the early days, but it can’t be proved now. The outside of the fort is not that impressive, but the inside looks fascinating – all internal walls are covered with detailed scenes from Georgian history and some of the images of religious themes.

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