The Bank of England Museum

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The Bank of England Museum has a charming history and it is depicted with refinement in its museum. Since 1797, this was identified as “The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street” which is based inside the Bank of England. You will come to know that it traces the accounts of the Bank as of its foundation through Royal Charter way back in the year 1694 down to its function these days as the central bank of the nation.

There are collection of gold bars engaging from the ancient days to the contemporary market bar and coins and a distinct banknotes. In addition, there are a lot of items which you might not have anticipated to see such as the pottery and mosaics of Roman exposed when it was reconstructed in 1930, spikes and muskets employed to protect the Bank and a number of documents connecting popular customers such as George Washington, the Duchess of Marlborough and Horatio Nelson.

Time and again, there are special exhibitions held all through the year that vary from the role and work of the England in the financial work and its history as well which normally include interactive exhibits to keep children of all ages amused particularly throughout those long holidays from school as well as displays not usually on public display. So it would be better for your kids to visit this place and be entertained than spending much of their time playing video or computer games for the whole day at home. You will do them a great favor when you ask them to go to the Bank of England Museum.

You can use the Underground system or the railway network when you go to this place if you do not want to be faced with headache and stress due to traffic jam. The admission in this museum is free so it would be better if you take the entire family with you.

Address: Threadneedle Street
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7601 5545

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