The Charles Dickens Museum

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Do you want to know about the life of the famous author Charles Dickens? Popular author Charles Dickens used to live in his only surviving dwelling from 1837 until 1839. However, in the year 1925, this home was opened to the public as a museum. Until these days, this museum is still attracting travelers and visitors from all around the universe who are fascinated by books authored by this popular Victorian novelist. Ideally, the work and life of Charles Dickens replicate the atmosphere of London during the 19th century celebrating the sudden increase of the industrial revolution as well as the suffering from misery and filth. Over and over again, his novels portray the images of sprawling workhouses and slums as the memories of the experience of debt and poverty of his own family. For the period of his life in London, he was to move 15 times. This museum is called the Regency house as well that reminds the moment of his great success following two of his most excellent and best know novels which are ‘Nicholas Nickleby’ and ‘Oliver Twist’. The mansion that holds his museum these days is positioned in the elegant district of Bloomsbury.

The house has been restored with awareness with the highlighting on drawing room in which the great author utilized to house his popular literary salons. The collection of this museum includes a broad variety of the paraphernalia of Dickens from personal notes and letters to first editions and manuscripts of his novels. Anyone can see all the collections in this museum that mainly focuses on the manuscripts and paraphernalia of this great author. Individuals who have an inclination to writing can learn something from this museum. They can be able to see some of the techniques used by Dickens in his writing that made him popular.

Address: 48 Doughty Street
Phone: +44 2 7405 2127

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