The Fashion and Textile Museum

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Do you have a passion for designing and fashion? Or are you a promising fashion designer or fashion model? You might have the obsession about the fashion of different people around the world but you know a little and you want to expand your knowledge regarding the field of fashion. One way to get some knowledge about this field is to visit The Fashion and Textile Museum. This museum is positioned in the center of the stylish Bermondsey Village. This building is said to be the first and only establishment and museum in London that is completely devoted to British fashion.

This was founded by Zandra Rhodes, a young English designer. The museum displays the development of fashion which is made by Britain. Moreover, the museum depicts the works of the main British designers dating from the early 1950s down to the present day. You can be able to see the evolution of fashion for a number of decades. The aim of this museum is to promote the current fashion students and the up-coming but young designers displaying samples of student sketches. Aside from this fashion museum, you can also find the Academy of fashion that manages various courses both for professionals and amateurs.

Positioned in a wonderful establishment that was created by Ricardo Legorreta, Mexican architect, the Fashion and Textile Museum has a stylish café as well where all the victims of fashion in London arrive here to be familiar with the most recent trends. Thus, be among these fashion victims by deciding to visit this museum and expand your knowledge about fashion. You can also opt to take some of the courses so you can improve your skills and become one of the most sought after designer of your generation. Visiting this museum will give you more benefits that what you have expected.

Address: 83 Bermondsey Street
Phone: +44 2 7407 8664

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