The Jewish Museum

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Do you want to know the Jewish culture and tradition in Britain as well as all over the universe? If you are looking for ways to know some of these cultures and traditions aside from reading books and searching the internet then visiting the Jewish Museum would the most effective means. The Jewish Museum seeks to endorse the Jewish culture not only of Britain but all over the world as well. Individuals of all nations, faiths and ages can go after the origins as well as history of Jews that is presented in a lot of galleries of the museum.

Aside from that, there are temporary exhibitions and special audiovisual programs that seek to teach young citizens and give them an idea about the different information from the Jewish community history. The major exhibition of the museum concentrates on the settlement of Jewish in London consisting of the reconstructions of furniture workshops and old tailoring in the East End. Also, the displays on the museum contain a moving exhibition dedicated to the popular Holocaust survivor in the person of Leon Greenman that was born in London. Along with the exhibits of the Jewish Museum are the Torah scrolls and several fine examples of the ceremonial art of the Jewish.

In addition, the museum consists of a huge community space that has an auditorium, gift shop, interactive gallery and café with a lot of installations about multimedia. All of the facilities can be seen by the general public and they do not have to worry about the payment since all the facilities are free. It will take you quite a few hours if you want to explore all the contents of the museum. But the experience will be worth it since you can know a little bit about the Jewish culture.

Address: 80 East End Rd
Phone: +44 2 83491143

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