Themed Cafes in Seoul

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Seoul could be known as the café capital soon, as its nearly impossible to walk an entire block without seeing a famous coffee chain such as Costa or Caffe Bene, but as new chain cafes seem to sprout from the ground, its closely followed by unique themed cafes that rely on their novelty to attract customers. This has led to nearly hundreds of different types of themed cafes, here are some of our favorites in Seoul!

Thanks Nature Cafe (The Sheep Cafe)

Anything involving animals can be spoiled quite easily, but the main attraction at Thanks Nature Cafe is of course the sheep, which seem incredibly well looked after. You can of course pet and feed the sheep, their enclosures seem cleaned often and most importantly the animals get a lot of love!

Address: 344-1 Seogyo-dong Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Directions: Map.

Website: Facebook Page.

Air Cafe (비행기까페)

Based on the theme of travel, the Air Cafe will make you feel like you’re getting ready to board an airplane. Meals are named after countries and are thankfully more delicious than normal airplane food. The interior will make you wish you were doing what we love best, traveling!

Address: 404-19 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Directions: Map.

Website: The Air Cafe

Hoho Myoll Cafe

A lot of Asians think there is no car cuter than the Volkswagen Beetle or Van, and this is shown in the Hoho Myoll Cafe which features a real Volkswagen van. This cafe is more for the vintage car fans, but if you’re not so interested in cars, at least you can actually sip your coffee while sitting inside the Volkswagen! Look out for the cute grey cat Myoll that lives there!

Address: 93-44 Mapo-gu, Sangsu-dong, Seoul.

Directions: Map.

Website: Facebook Page.

Bau House Dog Cafe (바우하우스 애견카페)

If you’re scared of dogs like the majority of Koreans, then this seriously isn’t the place for you. I mean, who the heck can be scared of something so freaking adorable? The staff at Bau House Dog Cafe seem to play and love the dogs just as much as the customers! It’s one of the most famous dog cafes in Seoul and for a good reason! Every dog seems well looked after, and you can even bring your own dog to get them use to other dogs!

Address: 394-44 Sukyodong Mapogu Seoul

Directions: Map.

Website: Bau House Dog Cafe

You Are Here

If you’re a fan of Eat Your Kimchi or Talk to Me in Korea you would probably already know about this cafe. Based on the theme of learning languages, You Are Here is a surprisingly sweet spot. We weren’t always fans of EYK but we’ve grown to respect them, especially after visiting their coffee shop. It’s a great place to study and socialize with like-minded people!

Address: 204-53, Dongyo-dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul.

Directions: Map.

Website: Eat Your Kimchi

Monster Cupcakes

Head to Monster Cupcakes to fulfill your sugary Halloween urges. All cupcakes are designed as something spooky and scary, but couldn’t be any sweeter! The interior is largely different to your traditional coffee shop making it a great place to check out if you’re in the Itaewon area!

Address: 305-7, Yongsan-gu, Itaewon, Seoul.

Directions: Map.

Website: Monster Cupcakes

Cupcake Factory

Another way to fulfill your sweet tooth while enjoying your coffee is the cupcake factory. While the design isn’t as interesting as Monster Cupcakes, the taste is just as good, if not better. There are so many variations in taste and composition, you’ll be surprised with what they can’t do to a cupcake!

Address: 364-11 Seogyo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul.

Directions: Map.

Website: Cupcake Factory

Ddong Cafe

Koreans at times seem obsessed with poop and this becomes more obvious with the sheer amount of poop related stores, restaurants and cafes that open each month. The Ddong Cafe is exactly what you would expect it to be, a novelty cafe with a lot of poop items everywhere! Drink your coffee from a toilet and enjoy some poop shaped bread!

Address: 44 Jongno 1, Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.

Directions: Map.

Website: Poop Bread

Princess Diary Café (Wedding Dress Cafe)

Perfect for every girl who wants to dress up and feel like it’s finally going to happen… their wedding day! Ok, so may be it seems a little weird to some, but there’s no harm for girls to have a little fun. Pick your wedding dress and try it on! Take some pictures and grab some coffee after!

Address: Seoul, Seodaemun-gu, Daehyeon-dong 54-9, 3F

Directions: Map.

Website: Facebook Page.

Agreable Flowers & Cafe

The lack of nature in Seoul can be quite worrying at times, especially when the grey skies set in during the winter months, but the Agreable Flowers & Cafe is a great place to experience some natural green. Enjoy your coffee among a jungle of plants and even purchase some for your apartment!

Address: 110 Yeoksam-Dong, Kangnam-Gu, Seoul, Korea.

Directions: Map.

Website:  Facebook Page.

Cat Attic Cafe 

Seoul wouldn’t be complete without the vast amounts of cat cafes everywhere. While most of the cat cafes seem to be pretty similar, Cat Attic appears to be a popular choice with tourists. There is a large variety of species of cats, but generally most cat cafes are all the same!

Address: 162-14 Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Directions: Map.

Website: GodaBang

Charlie Brown Cafe 

While a lot of the Charlie Brown Cafes have been closing down in Seoul, some have remained open as they’re popular with tourists. If you’re a fan of Snoopy, then the Charlie Brown Cafe is a great place to take a cool picture with a giant one! Other than that, the Charlie Brown Cafe can probably be skipped when compared to some of the other themed Cafes in Seoul!

Address: 115 Mangwoo,Sangbongdong, Jungrang, Seoul.

Directions: Map.

Website: Charlie Brown Cafe.

Miss Lee Cafe (별다방미스리)

If you’re a fan of the Korean reality TV show “We Got Married,” then you probably would have heard of this show before as a couple date is filmed here. Inside the cafe the walls and tree are full of wish notes, which show that everyone has romantic dreams! While the food is served in a tin tray much like canteen food!

Address: Miss Lee Cafe, 144 Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Directions: Map.

Website: Miss Lee Cafe.

Cafe Blue Fairy 

If you’re a girl who loves dolls then the Blue Fairy Cafe is the perfect place for you. An assortment of models and dolls are enclosed in a class case for everyone to adore. Most people enjoy this cafe for its quaint dollhouse vibe and the ability to procrastinate while looking at the dolls instead of studying!

Address: 396-47, Seogyodong, Mapo-gu, Seoul.

Directions: Map.

Website: Bluefairy International.

Rilakkuma Cafe – Capi Capi Loom Loom (카피카피룸룸)

Hardcore Rilakkuma fans will be overwhelmed by the amount of purchasable Japanese “relaxed bears,” while people who are new to the character will just be happy to be able to squish a giant teddy. The cafe is scattered with all different types of giant teddy bears that are waiting to be hugged.

Address: Bomun-ro, 34 da-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.

Directions: Map.

Website: Facebook Page.

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