Trast Castle in Rijeka, Croatia

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The Castle of Trast that is situated in the remarkably picturesque location on a beautiful high hill is not just a recreation area, but is also a valuable historical monument that has been standing there since the 13th century, looking at the vast Croatian grounds. The position of the hill was thoroughly planned and calculated by the builders, as it stands on the most strategically important position in the while Rijeka territory. It used to be a non-military related lookout tower when it first was constructed long before the medieval times, and then once the Romans invaded these territories, they rightly considered the tower to be of strategy importance and decided to fortify it so that it could withstand the possible attacks.

Since the Castle has been fortified by the Romans, it has served as a protective point for the surroundings. It has belonged to various generation of rulers. In the middle of the 18th century the Castle was dramatically damaged by a severe earthquake and for several years stood in ruins, until an Austrian military figure Laval Nugent bought the ruins from the owners and completely restored the Castle, so now we see it the way it used to look since the late 18th century.

Today the Castle of Trsat is an appealing tourist destination. You would think that mostly hardcore history fans would rush to see this ancient monument, but in fact, the majestic beauty of the Castle can captivate even those who wouldn’t normally care for history. Apart from the Castle itself and its picturesque surrounding territories including the bright green hill and the Kvarner gulf that runs below the hill, there are many other fascinating attraction, which include several art galleries and museums, numerous cafes and restaurants and a concert hall that from time to time hosts various shows.

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