What to see in Sweden

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Vasa is the name of the ship, which sank, and lay at the bottom of the sea 333 years, after which he was raised on the land. Vasa was built in 1628, he was the only ship in the world that has been preserved since that time. Museum in Stockholm is unique, so you can not see anywhere else.

The view of a huge wooden ship is impressive, not all parts of the ship were rescued, so some of the mast and the board have been replaced. Behind him, making sure and check the safety of the tree from which the ship is built.

The museum has a special room, which tells the story of how, and was built as a dead ship Vasa, you can also see the small models of ships with light and noise of the sea.

After the ship was raised from the seabed, have been found the things, which were on the ship at the time of the crash. Basically, these were the things of people and even partially preserved sails.

Gren Lund

Gren Lund amusement park is located on the coast of the peninsula Djurg?rden. It’s not a very big park, but it contains the most typical attractions: the race on the cards, roller coasters, other various slides, the room is laughing, carousels, a Viking ship, there are a whole set of different games to win prizes.

Park Gren Lund popular because it hosts concerts rock and pop music. Attendance record set in the day when you came here twenty thousand spectators who came to hear reggae star Bob Marley, it was in nineteen hundred and eightieth year.

The park can be reached by ferry from Slussena, Skeppsholmena and Nibroplana.

Gamla Stan

Gamla Stan (Old Town) – is one of the largest and most well-protected medieval city centers in Europe, is one of the most interesting sights in Stockholm. Here, in 1252, was founded Stockholm.

Gamla Stan and the entire connecting the island with him Riddarholmen are a kind of a working museum, full of sights, attractions, restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. Gamla Stan is popular and folk art among the craftsmen, collectors of old items and souvenir sellers. Narrow, winding, cobblestone streets, flanked by medieval houses, a variety of different shades of yellow shades, give the unique character of Gamla Stan. Behind the facade, even in our days, we can detect underground storage tanks, and lime-painting of the Middle Ages. And in the snowy winter days, this part of town is like a picture from a book of fairy tales.
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Stortorget square architecture, Gamla stan, Stockholm, Sweden, Northern Europe.

In Gamla Stan there are some beautiful churches and museums. Here you will find the National Cathedral Storkyrkan and Nobelmuseet (the Nobel Museum). The biggest attraction in this part of town is the Royal Palace, one of the largest palaces in the world with more than 600 rooms. In addition to facilities for the reception of delegations, in the palace are several interesting museums, including the Armory Livrustkammaren has an exhibit displaying the royal clothes and weapons. Do not miss the parade of the military orchestra and a daily changing of the guard at the palace.

The main streets of the Old City are V?sterl?nggatan and ?sterl?nggatan. At one time, within an area bounded by these streets, along the present-day streets Pr?stgatan held the city wall, which protected the city. At the heart of Old Town Square is Stortorget, which is the central point of this part of town, and from it comes street K?pmangatan, the oldest street in Stockholm, is mentioned in the 1300′s. The lane M?rten Trotzigs gr?nd is difficult to be found. This is the narrow alley of the Old Town, a width of just 90 centimeters at its narrowest point. Do not forget the island Riddarholmen with the church Riddarholmskyrkan. The church is the burial place of the kings of Sweden and was founded in 1200-ies as the Franciscan monastery for the so-called “gray fellow monks.”

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