What’s All the Fuss About London?

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Lake at St James’s Park

London’s most visited attractions, such as Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, Tower of London and the London Eyeare still responsible to bring in thousands of tourists every day. However even with those historical places, there are always new attractions coming to the scene, to ensure that there’s still a lot to see, even for those that came here before. The old attractions, like London museums, are being adapted to a new reality, and public transport also is passing through major changes so to ensure the best for the visitors and locals during London Olympics 2012.

Westminster Aerial View

You can see the superb monuments and the fascinating Victorian architecture everywhere, as well as the great churches, all of which heritage from the glorious British Empire. Stroll around the quiet Georgian squares, the walks along the river or the narrow historic streets. On the other hand, believe us when we say that London is unexpectedly green: stunning parks, such as St. James’s, Hyde Park and Green Parkare located in the heart of the city, and we are not talking about small blocks of trees and flowers… no, those are huge parks, beautifully taken care of, full of lakes, different types of flora and fauna. A little bit away from the city centre there are also immense parks, if you prefer less populated neighbouring, such as Richmond Park, Greenwich Park and Hampstead Heath.

You could also spend some time shopping around in department stores such as Harrods or Selfridges or in the out of the ordinary markets from Portobello Road, Old Spitalfields and Camden in the weekend. Nightlife is vibrant… London never sleeps… with lots of clubs, particularly in the Soho area, with not few opportunities also to catch a first rate West end theatre performance or an opera concert. Pubs are all around giving an exciting atmosphere to the city, but food is a major attraction too, with an extensive range of Michelin-starred and many high-rated restaurants bringing excellence to the widest choice of cuisines on the planet – Chinese, British, Italian, Spanish, Thai cuisines, you name it…

Tower Bridge

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